All of us have experienced difficult situations in our life where someone whom we trust the most turns out to be not so trustworthy.

While many years later we might realize their side of the story and empathize with them, we are left to deal with the emotions through the years. We end up blaming ourselves for the situations, for others behaviors, how naive we turned out to be, how we got ourselves into that “trap”, how the people we love left us and the list goes on. The most important thing for us to move forward is to ask ourselves

Have we forgiven ourselves?

Whatever happened, has happened. No one can change it. Our lives move on, and many a time we encounter similar crossroads later in life. If we have not forgiven ourselves and learned the lessons, we end up making the same mistake again! Forgive ourselves, remember the lessons, make the course corrections needed in life and move on.

Forgiveness does not come easy. It is easier to forgive others and let go of relationships. Forgiving needs acceptance – both of who we are now, and of what has occurred. Acceptance is the first step to trigger a change and move on – from wherever we are (or feel stuck). Escaping the truth (shoving it aside in our head and moving on with life – as if nothing has happened) is much easier, however it impacts our health in the long run, and when we encounter similar crossroads – we end up making similar mistakes.

So, for all of you who are struggling to come to terms with yourself and where you are in life, think about it and forgive yourself for whatever has happened. It is much easier to move forward thereafter!

Stay safe & healthy!

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