Gayathri Manthra

As mentioned in my previous posts about Mudras and Learning from a Swan, I started reading about different Gods and linkage to animals. Was astonished to see the linkages between Gayathri Manthra, our veins in our human body and swans.

Our human body has many veins. Some combination of these veins flow through important organs of our human body. These channels are called nadi. Of these, 10 of them are very important. Their names are Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Gandhari, Hastijihva, Pritha, Yasha, Alambusha, Huha and Shankhini. These veins bear the breath of life (Prana vayu). 9 other major breaths course through the body. Their names are Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana, Kurma, Krikara, Devadatta and Dhananjaya.

Prana vayu is related and can be activated through Prana Mudra, Apana vayu through Apana mudra and the like.

Gayathri is a goddess worshipped by the Trinity Lords themselves. This Goddess is there everywhere, even in every individual’s heart in the form of a swan (See the swan connection.. and capability to filter the good from the bad and absorb it :)). Gayathri manthra is a way to propitiate this Goddess and raise the awareness of being able to cleanse our heart to its purest state to filter and absorb the goodness that prevails (like a swan). Use of all the Mudras in the process cleanse the respective veins and breath ways in our body, helping us with good physical and mental health.

Gayathri Devi

It is interesting to discover how all of these are so well connected!

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