Brain dumping process

Interesting phrase “Brain dump”… caught my attention during a discussion with a colleague.

This is a technique that people who have anxiety issues often practice and/or is recommended to them!

Brain dumping is a process where the individual takes a paper and pen (or a computer document) and writes down whatever is in their mind for a time boxed 10-15 minute period. It helps empty their minds and clears up space to learn and process more.

Doing it at the onset of the day helps have a fresh start to all the activities lined up for the day. Doing it at the end of the day helps clear our minds and get a good night’s sleep. Doing it during the day helps our brains process more complex information during the day (and not slow down as the day progresses).

While some might not know it or call it as brain dumping, it is a technique that many of us follow! Some of us do this as to-do lists, some as poetry, some of us pen (or write) it down, essentially following different routes to attain the same objective of clearing our minds!

Interesting concept, and feels nice to be back to learning new things!

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