Rolling pins for bakers

I love baking – especially hand made cookies! When I was looking for a rolling pin, was inspired by the creativity and innovation in this simple baker’s tool!

Making handmade cookies, and cookie designs is even more easier with the designs carved into the rolling pins itself! What an idea 🙂 Who would have come up with this solution? Did it require an artistic mindset, or someone who knew carpentry, or someone with an engineering mindset who wanted to help a baker? Was amazed by the simplicity of the design and ease of use of these rolling pins.

Anyone who has baked cookies would know how time consuming an effort it is to make unique patterns on them (in a way personalizing them!). It takes hours after baking to carve out the designs on every single cookie and while plastic moulds are available or can be made if you are looking for a professional output, these rolling pins seem to make the effort much easier!

Be it cookies, cake toppings, ice cream toppings, desserts, chocolates – the possibilities seem endless 🙂

Looking forward to trying these over the next few weeks!

Love the artistic touch to the baker’s toolkit!

Have any of you used these? Please share any feedback / tips!

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