Bonding over music

Each of us have a specific genre of music that we love, and we find solace in listening to it when we feel low! Took to extending this further with my family today!

With a few hours in between exams and project releases, we chose to spend some time together and decided to do something together, yet different. No binge watching, or take-outs, something more personal! We chose music today!

There are a set of songs in each of our playlists that are unique to us. We chose to share our playlists and listen to it together 🙂 I felt it was a nice way to bond with teens! And, I ended up loving two of their 5 songs that it got into my favorite lists!

Singing out loud makes a difference! It is a feeling of liberation when you bare your soul out and sing the lyrics that you hold so close to your heart out aloud! There is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that sets in!

  • Katy Perry’s Roar
  • Justin Timberlake’s Can’t stop the feeling
  • Taio Cruz’s Dynamite
  • Silk route – Dooba Dooba
  • Wreck it ralph – When can I see you again

What used to be an anthakshari session (the opponent starts a song with the ending syllable of the first person’s song) while growing up, seems to be a sharing-our-playlists in this generation 🙂

Was reminded of the quote

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Loved the session, left with a sense of satisfaction understanding what their minds tend to look for, while they want to relax and unwind! Satisfied, I continue.

Sharing a few common songs that you jointly are able to listen together, is a good way to bond with another generation!

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