Solar eclipse

Eclipses are a powerful time to focus on spiritual growth. Especially solar eclipse. Sharing some experiments and learning over the past few years.

While this Solar eclipse occurring on December 14th, 2020 is a total eclipse that is visible from some parts of South America, the duration of the eclipse matters around the world.

The energies during this timeframe are very high and being able to leverage it in a positive manner is quite beneficial. While the positive effects last for a lifetime and can change our lives in very many ways (like new opportunities, new jobs, critical milestones in life etc), the negative effects leave us drained for a long period.

Now, I did not believe that what I do during a specific timeframe on that day matters as much and ignored it (knowingly) and proceeded to do what I needed to do. There was an issue with my washer/dryer and laundry was getting impacted. I made very many phone calls to get my warranty and services team in place. Needless to say, I could see myself getting drowned in similar issues with appliances for another year.

Next time around, I was careful and chose to play a specific game with my family. We ended up playing that game for over a year bonding well, while not wanting to switch to any other game or choose any other mode of entertainment. It was strange!

Interestingly, I chose to pray during another instance of the solar eclipse. I ended up making acquaintances with many leaders and teachers, religious gurus that opened a new dimension for me.

Another instance, I was sick and ended up lying in bed watching television series… and you can guess how that would have turned out.

Somehow, what seemed impossible at first glance seemed to have some meaning or correlation that I was finding it difficult to measure or figure out. But one thing was clear, the effects of what I was doing during the period seemed to have a multi-fold effect for at least a year thereafter!

So, this December 14th, 2020 – another Solar eclipse! While I want to experiment again – want to try something for the greater good this time! What if we all offer a prayer to heal ourselves and get rid of the pandemic, maybe – just maybe hoping it would have a multi-fold effect and something really positive will occur!

For those who are interested in following the eclipse

EventUTC TimeTime in New York*
First location to see the partial eclipse beginDec 14 at 13:33:55Dec 14 at 8:33:55 am
First location to see the full eclipse beginDec 14 at 14:32:34Dec 14 at 9:32:34 am
Maximum EclipseDec 14 at 16:13:28Dec 14 at 11:13:28 am
Last location to see the full eclipse endDec 14 at 17:54:18Dec 14 at 12:54:18 pm
Last location to see the partial eclipse endDec 14 at 18:53:03Dec 14 at 1:53:03 pm

Let us see if we can together make a difference!

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