Solar eclipse June 2021

This June 10th is the first annual Solar eclipse in 2021.

Which parts of the world can witness the solar eclipse?

Those living in northern hemisphere, especially US Eastern states, Canada and Alaska can expect to witness the solar eclipse. For US residents, solar eclipse will be happening during the early hours before or during sunrise mostly. Asian countries will experience the eclipse during their day time (mostly noon to evening).

Path of the eclipse

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What happens during an eclipse?

Moon passes between Sun and the Earth during the eclipse. Moon being closer to Earth and smaller diameter compared to the Sun, during the eclipse, parts of the Sun will continue to be visible – making it seem like the “Ring of Fire”.

How does the Ring of Fire look during the eclipse?

“Ring of Fire” as captured during previous solar eclipses looks like this. Depending on the part of the world the picture is being taken and the time of the day and weather conditions, the outer ring might be thin or blurry or wider.

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A Rare 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Is Happening June 21 - Here's What You  Should Know | Travel + Leisure
Picture courtesy – Google

Can we watch it?

It is always recommended to watch the solar eclipse wearing eclipse glasses throughout the entire eclipse. Eclipse glasses are different from regular sunglasses.

Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing - Infographic - American Academy of Ophthalmology
Picture courtesy – American academy of Ophthamology

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