Planets transit in April

For those who follow astrology and planetary shifts, this month is a big one!

During April 2022, many of the planets are changing houses. What does this mean? In simple terms, it means look out for life changing moments or events this month.

Two of the large planets – Saturn and Jupiter are changing houses.

Saturn stays for 2.5 years in one house and is switching houses by end of April.

Jupiter stays for 1 year and is switching houses on April 13-14.

Rahu & Ketu (shadow planets who move in retrograde motion) also are changing houses.

Rahu & Ketu stay in a house for 1.5 years and area switching houses on April 13-14.

Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury who typically stay in one house for about a month are also switching hosues, creating varying conjunctions with the larger planets.

On a personal front, observe changes in the following areas – enthusiasm to start multiple projects, learn new things, ability to focus on self, sleep, issues with partners, ability to remain organized and disciplined, work changes, relocation, selling or buying home, financial status changes, issues with vehicles and communication.

When one planet changes from one house to another, we can expect and anticipate changes in that one aspect of life – for us and those related to us. However, when all planets are changing houses within a month, the changes will be radical, in areas we did not (or did) expect, life changing events or moments.

Too many changes in life means, we end up dealing with lot more variables in our life and lesser constants. So, anxiety will prevail till we settle down with the new norm!

Re-learning to s-l-o-w down helps!

Wish you good luck! Stay healthy, Stay blessed!

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