Knowing someone through the verbs they use

Observing the verbs used by an individual can give insights into the astrological houses that influences them!

Anyone who knows / practices astrology can relate to this in a very different way!

Use your Sun sign (Zodiac), Moon sign (Vedic astrology) or your Ascendant! Observe which feeling drives you more, and what you use in your thoughts and when you speak!

Aries – I Am
Taurus – I Have
Gemini – I Think
Cancer – I Feel
Leo – I Will
Virgo – I Analyze
Libra – I Balance
Scorpio – I Desire
Sagittarius – I See, I Dream
Capricorn – I Use
Aquarius – I Know
Pisces – I Believe

Try to observe what people in your circle use during conversations! It would give you a different perspective about them and what motivates them 🙂

Listening and observing teach us a lot!

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