Planetary abodes in astrology

Places and surroundings give us a clue on which planets are currently influencing us!

Understanding the abodes of planets can help us understand which planets are influencing our lives currently and what we can do about them.

Sun lives in a temple
Moon lives in a watery place
Mercury lives in a sports ground
Jupiter lives in a treasure house
Venus lives in the bedroom
Saturn lives in a filthy place
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Just to test yourself

  1. Look around wherever you currently are – how neat or untidy is the place?
  2. Think of the places you regularly visit – a temple, sports ground, waterfront, beach, etc.)
  3. The place where you sleep (bedroom, couch, in front of the TV, etc.)

A pattern usually emerges. Trigger a change where you expect to see a difference.

This post is dedicated with gratitude to my teachers!

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