Lunar eclipse this week

The second lunar eclipse for the year occurs during the early hours of 19th November, 2021.

This lunar eclipse will be visible to those living in North and South America during the early hours of November 19th. For those living in Australia, New Zealand and South east Asia, it happens during afternoon / evening time on November 19th.

This lunar eclipse is expected to be the longest in the century lasting nearly 6 hours.

Moon to Turn Red Wednesday Total Lunar Eclipse | AccuWeather
Picture courtesy – Accuweather

Lunar eclipses are known to be the most intense phases of life that the universe uses to shift our paths and force us to evolve in life.

– NY Post

Any good deeds done during this period will exemplify!

A good thought
A good deed
A helping hand
A hungry person fed
A donation made
A visit to a place of worship
A chant that makes us feel peaceful
A conscious effort to step into your Zen zone
Every bit counts

For those who find the emotional turmoil to be high during this period, try to meditate!

The NY Post horoscope predictions during the lunar eclipse seems to be perfect!

It is time for reflection, time to change, time to heal, time to tap into your creative energy & time for new beginnings!

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