Calm before the storm feeling

There are days when one feels life is in a production support mode! Lot of calls, anxiety, stress, tests, deadlines and deliverables.. it goes on! There are other days when life seems to be a standstill, leaving the feeling of a calm before the storm..! Sensing that of late!

Am not sure whether it because of my interest in astrology, and the fact that are 7 planets sitting in Capricorn at this juncture (something like 7 landlords sharing one room in a house) kind of feeling! Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Capricorn and some would stay for a few days and other till April next year or longer. Potential prediction for this phase for the planetary position is that of chaos and confusion (in our minds and in the world) and more hard work aligned to our life goals.

Key message – Do not quit your efforts

When I look around, there is a sense of high upspoken tension both in our lives, at work and in the community! Across states and countries, take any facet and one can draw the analogies! It feels like the last straw in some families! It feels like life cannot go on for others! It feels like everything is just starting to come together for some! It feels like deja vu for few! Be it the stock market, or COVID vaccine, or state regulations, or international events, there is a sense of hype and fear around us!

Juggling too many things and waiting to catch the balls with the feeling that any ball might drop anytime and create a huge snowball effect!

When life is moving in a direction that you are not yet ready for, there is a feeling of tug of war of what you want to do in life, and what life wants of you 🙂 Yes.. it gets hard sometimes, and other times very hard! But just like good days don’t last, bad days also will not last!

For all those waiting for college admission decisions – Yes, just another few more weeks and you will start expanding your horizons! For those who are looking for jobs, do not give up and look to leverage your network – opportunities will show up! If you are at crossroads in life, talk to someone who can be your senior at school or work or life. It helps get a good perspective of what lies ahead and can calm you during stressful times. Not all efforts will be rewarded in ways that we expect, sometimes more hard work is needed with lesser or no returns and we still need to continue to put in our efforts! This is one of those phases in life!

As long as we do not quit our personal efforts, things will fall in place where they belong

When anxiety fills the air, remember to focus on your personal health! It somehow works out for the better!

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