Houses and charts in astrology

While we would have heard of astrology and birth charts, every birth chart can be divided into sub-charts that can help analyze the depths of certain aspects of life!

Professional astrologers (especially the ones who have been practicing across generations) take one look at the horoscope or birth chart of an individual, and will be able to predict the reason the individual has sought an astrologer and the current issue/challenge they are facing in life! It was interesting to understand how someone can predict before even one can ask a question. There is a separate stream of astrology that focuses on the time a question is asked (instead of the birth chart) to predict and suggest remedies for a given question.

Now, the sub charts are also called as divisional charts.

Chart numberWhat can be predicted by analyzing this chart
1Existence at the physical level
2Wealth and money
3All about siblings
4Residence, properties owned, houses and fortune
5Fame, power and authority
6Overall health
7All about children and grandchildren
8Sudden and unexpected obstacles
9Marriage and spouse, righteousness, Inner self, interaction with others
10Career and achievements in society
11Death and destruction
12All about parents families (like grandparents, siblings etc)
16Vehicles, pleasures and discomforts
20Religious activities and spiritual aspects
24Learning, knowledge and education
27Inherent nature
30Subconscious self, some diseases
40Auspicious and inauspicious events
60Past like karma and all related aspects

Om Tat Sat

Reading a chart seems to be an art in itself. If you know basic chart reading, the divisional charts seem to be extremely helpful in zoning into the exact issue!

As always, charts are great for trending the past and projecting the future! Works well when we are ready to change our actions in the present!

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