Physical strength is equally important

The past year has put a lot of emphasis on mental strength for us to deal with the revised normal. One aspect that gets missed out very consciously (or down prioritized) is our physical health.

I see this occurring across age groups and across the world.


There are so many tests and exams conducted these days. Every day and every week seems to be a different test or exam or preparatory assessments. Maybe teachers and schools feel that loading students is better than leaving idle minds (tending to depression and so forth). The extensive amount of testing, without appropriate time between tests to let students prepare and bridge their gaps seems to be an increasing trend across the board. Now, all remaining time after school seems to be going towards finishing homework and preparing for exams or re-taking exams to bridge the gap. Whatever time left goes into playing video games with friends. No one physically has any more physical energy left to step out and play. The gym / physical fitness slots during schools are a solace for those students who have not figured out how to tactfully avoid the same.


Mostly work from home, and those getting back to routine jobs, the after math of returning home and sanitizing and formalities that follow take up a good amount of time to prepare meals and get food on the table. Work pressures, never ending time reports, appraisals and depression and whats-the-purpose-of-life that follows needs some time in front of the TV to unwind and get back to a re-defined sense of normalcy. What gets impacted – physical activity.


No one understands the pain of dealing with a class full of remote students, a mailbox full of potential technical issues that tend to happen exactly when school starts (better still when students are supposed to get out of bed and log onto their systems), delayed homework submissions, not able to gauge which students is at what level of understanding, coming up with innovative ways to deal with slipping grades and yes… they are parents in their own homes dealing with their children attending remote schools as well. A relaxing peaceful cup of coffee seems impossible during the day. What gets missed out – physical activity.

Discussion with friends

While talking to a group of old friends, we realized the ease with which we want a small break from our routine and get back to our parents homes and just eat and sleep, not having to think about anything else. The sense of peace that one feels is irreplaceable. Somehow, although we have children, we tend to become one when we visit our parents. We inherently expect them to have all the strength and energy (above 70s for sure) to cook and feed us, and take care of us while we get s few days off. Given how we are treading with our lives, if we do not pay heed to our physical activity levels – we might not be able to give that kind of support system for our children.

We learn that Health is Wealth when we are young, and realize it as we grow older!

It was a moment of realization for all of us that if there is one thing we need to focus on in life as we progress, it would be to regain the physical energy and health that might have down prioritized over our home or work life. Would it be possible? What gives? Need to make an effort and commit to regain our health back!

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