Back to school experience

Every year the back-to-school time is filled with fun, frolic and lots of shopping. Anything you can think of that is needed for school has to be shopped during this time. It is all about starting afresh with new resolutions and hoping for new beginnings. This year seems to be a bit different.

The morning rush of waking up few hours before our children, ensuring their lunch boxes have been washed, water bottles filled, breakfast, lunch and snack packed based on their day to day schedules and after school activities and ensuring they have our FULL attention before they step out to catch the school bus or step into the car to be dropped off at school. A huge sigh of relief when we sip our coffee / tea after the morning routine, while hoping and praying kids have not forgotten any of their lunch, notebooks, food, homework, assignment, projects etc etc. This is normal school days.

With over 3 months of home schooling experience between March – June, it is clear that this year it is going to be different. Not as much of shopping for back to school stuff, no buying new lunch boxes, water bottles, gadgets, backpacks, books, supplies, summer and fall dresses. No stocking up pantry, no after school clubs, no baking for bake sales and fundraisers, it definitely feels different. Not much of buying during Labor day sale as well.. the week just before school has always been very busy, this year – do not see much of a difference, except for dedicated devices to get school/office work done.

Yes… it is going to be stressful when school starts, early morning routine has some adjustments. Breakfast is during remote school time (earlier it used to be before they left home). Food cooked and ready to eat, whenever kids get their breaks. Remote school switches over to remote homework – pretty much leaving no scope for kids to get up from their computers. Physical activity – that one is lacking big time! Would be helpful if there is a gym class equivalent that is forced during remote school days as well.

Homework and assignments cascade into late nights and weekends. Time with friends would be missing.. so, extra time to chat and unwind with family (everyone needs to be in the mindset to unwind) becomes necessary. Yes… it is clear that our regular routine seemed to have been revolving around kids school routines 🙂 Now, it is time for a new process to be setup by us, instead being thrust on us. Let us see how we do it creatively, sustaining time for studies, play, clubs, hobbies and family.

Good luck to all those sailing in the same boat!

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