Crow symbolism

Many cultures attribute crow-sighting to messages from our ancestors predicting changes in our lives!

In many cultures, crows are seen as symbols of wisdom, strength, and good fortune, and are associated with death and the afterlife. Crows have long been associated with the passing of a person’s life. In some cultures, seeing a crow means one is reminded of their ancestors. Some cultures see it positively attributing a message from beyond, and some see it negatively attributing it to death!

How many crows do you see?

This rhyme is popular among elementary and middle school kids – one for sorrow, two for joy… 🙂

The number of crows (fully black crows) one sees at any instant somehow relates to a near-future prediction! This bird tells us about the dangers that lie ahead.

  • Spotting one crow symbolizes sorrow in the near future!
  • Spotting two crows symbolizes joy and good luck
  • Spotting three crows together means good health
  • Spotting four crows together brings wealth!
  • Spotting five crows together means sickness is on its way!
  • Spotting six crows together means death of someone close!
  • Spotting a dead crow signifies spiritual rebirth! It is time to reassess your life and life choices.

When your yard is filled with black crows, it is an indication that your ancestors are visiting you! There may be a source of food for crows around you (maybe water, extra food, death of a living being etc). Observe any rituals in your culture that respect & seeks blessings from ancestors.

Two for joy & good luck!

What does it mean when you see crows everywhere?

Sometimes you get to notice crows all around you, everywhere you go. It symbolizes change in your life. It means your life is undergoing a change, or big changes are expected in your life. It also means, you might be the one who is undergoing the change.

Ritual of feeding crows

In Hindu culture, the ritual of feeding crows is synonymous with feeding your ancestors. On the day of the ancestral ceremonies, food is prepared with dedication and made into balls. After the rituals, the food is taken to an open ground (or roof top terrace) and placed. It is a popular belief that ancestors would be waiting to eat the food served on these special days and come as crows waiting to eat the food that is served. When there are crows waiting to eat the food, that means ancestors are happy. Sometimes when the food is served, no crow shows up – indicating ancestors are upset for some reason.

This time of the year (Sep-Nov) is usually the time to respect our ancestors. Celebrating the day of the dead, Mahalaya paksha, Halloween, there are various rituals across cultures! While the rituals may differ, feeding other living beings is a common theme around the world!

Next time you see fully black crows, realize that change is coming your way!

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