Painting by local artist

Encouraging local artists in your community goes a long way!

With fall setting in and leaves starting to change color slowly, pumpkins are starting to appear on doorsteps, waiting to be carved!

After visiting a local farmer’s market, got to spend some time at the music store where kids used to learn music. As a kind gesture, the music store owner Ms. Lily was displaying paintings made by local artists, in an effort to encourage the artists and share their art with her students and their families.

I have always known her for her kindness. She donates to the local hospital and they had put up a huge board thanking her for her donations and efforts to support the hospital!

Of all the paintings, this one caught my attention, indicating the onset of fall.

For the first time, I formally purchased artwork by a local artist that would decorate my walls. It does come with a story and memories 🙂

Support your local artists in whatever way you can! They make a difference in our lives by inspiring us with their art, lifting our spirits just when we need it the most!

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