Origami art

If all you have is paper and you try to put your creativity in it, what can you make? Share what YOU can do with just paper – Origami / crafts.. would be great to see your creativity.

While we are stuck at home, going on a long drive, feeling sad, want to collect our thoughts, want to get into a Zen zone… paper crafts fill in the space very nicely!

When I feel I need inspiration, I step in to see what kids can do and it has always continued to inspire me. Now that we are all in the lockdown mode, thought I will share something that we can use to inspire each other!

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  1. Dinosaur, T-Rex – Simple, easy to make with just paper foldings. One of the initial paper crafts at home. Approx 1 hour

2. Elephant: Simple, easy to make with just paper foldings. Again, one of the initial paper crafts at home. Approx 3 hours

3. Triangle art: Complex. Paper folded and corners tucked in to make a triangle. Key is to interlace the triangles to get this pattern. Fix two sides, and hold it in the appropriate interlaced position and fix the 3rd side locking the design. Making the first triangle takes about an hour. After making the individual triangles, assembling the whole thing takes about 2 hours.

4. 108 petal lotus – Complex. Needs a lot of patience and structure. Use post-it notes to make the small petals and stick them together. Then make the base and stick it on top of it. The petal formation should be concentric circles from small (top) to the wider bottom. Approximately 5 hours.

Another view of the same lotus kept on a spool (Yeah.. thread was used up in sewing and the spool got reused in the process)

5. Swan: Complex. Takes a lot of time and patience. Takes about 150+ small paper foldings tucked into the next one to hold the shape appropriately. The first time the swan stood shape and when we moved it from one place to another, it fell apart.. it is that fragile… 🙂 Next time, we started sticking the pieces together and then the shape held together! Approx 10 hours.

6. Post-it art: Medium. Flower made with different colored post-it notes. Approx 2 hours to ensure the flower shape comes together well!

7. Brown paper bag art: Simple. What can we make just with brown paper bags. When we had this challenge at home – this is what came out of it 🙂 Approx 1 hour.

Paper cutting, crafting and origami are all fun activities whether we do them alone or as a challenge amongst friends and families.

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