Gift bags

Small gift bags are quite pretty and make great creative gifts.

A simple embroidered design on a muslin cloth and turn that into a pouch or gift bag 🙂 As simple as that!

Nice quotes make it a perfect gift as well!

Good to hold small sized snacks or finger food!

And, they can be the perfect stocking stuffers during Christmas time!

Now, lets add some color to it.. linen or jute bags also act as a trendy carry on pouch!

Customize them for party favors… would be a kid pleaser and a nice marketing gimmick for sure 🙂

Elegant bags make exquisite gifts!

Those made of silk are quite special…

During festive seasons around the world, giving gifts to friends and family, or saying a quiet thank you to those around you just becomes simple 🙂

Fill them with anything you like – sweets, candy, spices, jewelry, stones, cosmetics, flowers, perfumes or small idols.. it is totally up to our imagination!

It does feel great receiving a small pouch holding something special in it – anyday!

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