Unique forms of art – 1

Recently I noticed that my school friends seem to have acquired a passion for art, and as a result I got to hear about various forms of art! Sharing some of them that were unique which captured my interest!

Warli art – Also known as Warli folk painting originated and is still being practiced in Maharashtra, India. Distinguished by its traditional triangular stick form of art. Would be great as a wall hanging, pencil sketches and canvas painting. I personally would like to draw the tree of life on a wall.. would be interesting..!

Thanjavur painting: It is truly amazing to see the amount of work that goes behind Thanjavur paintings. After the original paintings are made, they are decorated with real 22 carat gold foils all across the picture to bring out the effect! Thanjavur is a place in Tamilnadu where this form of art is practiced. See the details in the embroidery on the dresses, side panels, frames, seating arrangements etc! Extensive time spent on time, but highly priced if you were to buy these (true Thanjavur paintings). Of course, there are those that are made of fake gold foil which are pretty inexpensive, but the handiwork that goes into it is still the same.

Learning more about the tribes, their culture and the origin of these paintings and art forms was quite interesting. Would also like to try some of these and see how easy or difficult they are. Learning some of these ancient forms of art would ensure they continue across generations!

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