Unique forms of art -2

Continuing on the art forms.. learned about two more!

Pattachitra art: Originating from Orissa and West Bengal, this art form is mostly done on cloth or scrolls. Eyes of the people are distinctly different in this form. Complex forms, stories and meanings are blended into a single scroll. This form of art is also seen on sarees. The first picture (top left) symbolizes the eye of Puri Jagannath – amazing level of detail.. makes me want to visit Puri Jagannath and have a closer look 🙂 Hmm.. maybe it would be easier to draw it out instead… what other better way to get a closer look for a loooong time at the details 🙂 Second picture in this is Ram durbar (Court of Lord Ram), Radha Krishna and they playing with Gopikas are the others.

Madhubani art: This form of art is most famous in Nepal, Bihar and Mithila specifically in India. Done using any natural form of dyes, artiss use fingers, toothpicks, twigs, pens, nibs, and any form of natural sources to draw and color them. Focus again on the way the eyes and the curves are depicted. Bedsheets, pillow covers, wall hangings and sarees are usually seen with these patterns. Would love to buy a few of these on my next trip 🙂

One of the bloggers is teaching Madhubani art (and other art forms) form on youtube. Look at her blog if you want to learn any of them https://feelingsketches.wordpress.com/

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