Rajasthani Gattee ki sabzi

Thanks to my friend Preeti who suggested this dish 🙂 Making this cuisine for the first time.. sharing my experience!

Preeti and I got into a food challenge.. 🙂 She suggested this dish… Gattee ki sabzi is a Rajasthani (North Indian) dish. Yes.. I found it difficult to pronounce it for the first time as well 🙂 We skimmed through recipes online and found the best from hebbars kitchen (of course :))

What I found different was – the whole house started smelling with the aroma of spices..

In the first 5 mins of making the dish, my whole family was in the kitchen asking me what I was cooking 🙂 It has been ages to have that kind of aroma taking all of us by surprise. So, what did I do in the first 5 mins.. heated 1 tbsp of oil and added fennel seeds, bay leaves, kasuri methi, cumin seeds and hing (asofetida) in it, sauteed with 1 diced onion, added ginger garlic paste. and the aroma was AWESOME 🙂 If you are a foodie, this is a must-try at least once kind of recipe! Can be served with Paratha/Naan or hot rice.

Hebbars kitchen Recipe

Thank you Preeti 🙂 Both our families enjoyed the dish..! If you do make it, share your experience in the comments below 🙂

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