50 six word stories

Six word stories – heard about it recently. Wanted to write one and started browsing what others had written. Wanted to share some of the beautiful ones out there!

  1. Even in silence, there is chaos
  2. Are you up to the challenge?
  3. And things, as they do, changed
  4. He hit “send”, then a tree
  5. You are officially forgiven, not forgotten
  6. In the end, we become stories
  7. Book remained open, but never read
  8. Love, Pray, Wait on God’s time
  9. Change what you are complaining about
  10. That evening, the sun didn’t set
  11. Please, Time, I am not ready
  12. Sounds easy, am I missing something
  13. Pulled between past, present and future
  14. Fixing the dishwasher saved our marriage
  15. It all changed in an instant
  16. Facebook? Too busy having real friends
  17. Never too old to reinvent yourself
  18. Hearts heal but scars are eternal
  19. Rock bottom? Hey, I like climbing!
  20. Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve. Didn’t Didn’t Didn’t
  21. Have a little faith in yourself
  22. Everything changed with that one knock
  23. Mother nature is at it again!
  24. Longest day of my life, today!
  25. Tell us your life story Grandpa!
  26. A cry rings out. Life begins!
  27. Universe is big. She is lonely!
  28. Alone and lost, she became strong!
  29. I no longer survive. I live.
  30. My life. My way or highway
  31. You almost convinced me I mattered
  32. Found a new mountain to scale
  33. Recovery never really ends, does it?
  34. This is not your Captain speaking.
  35. I asked, and the universe responded
  36. Broke my heart, by saving yours
  37. Every problem always has creative solutions
  38. Love at first sight, needs glasses
  39. Survived her absence. Learned to live
  40. I am still learning every day!
  41. Waiting for school to open again
  42. Cooking contest every day, these days
  43. Twenty bucks goes a long way
  44. Live life once. Buy that dress!
  45. You already know all you’ll need
  46. Frightened during helicopter ride. He proposed
  47. One decision. Many emotions. No returns.
  48. I still make coffee for two.
  49. First sentient robot: “Turn me off”
  50. I’ve made all the best mistakes.

Hope you liked it as well 🙂 Do share your six word story favorites in the comments below!

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