Microsculptures – Art form 3

There were so many varieties and niche areas that I could uncover in this space. This seems to be a niche area that very few artists who have an interest in microsculpting get into.

Drawing and painting on rice grains is a very complex art.. as it needs to have the rice grain (typically 5 to 7 millimeters in length) to be held in one place, without even a tiny bit of shaking, using a magnifying glass and tiny pens / nibs to draw, paint or sketch and write on it. Needs very steady hands (thought only surgeons needed steady hands :))

Taj Mahal painted on a rice grain – By Vladimir Aliskin

Paintings of leaders on rice grains
10 commandments on rice grains
Even comic strips on rice grains 🙂

Got curious to see what other types of rice grain based paintings exist. Is this common across the world? Was surprised to see Vietnamese have a variety of rice mosaic paintings. Found some of them to be amazing

Look at the vivid colors in this rice painting

Vietnamese rice paintings seem to be special
Art with rice grain, grain chaff – exquisite details

While other countries have this as a form of art, what I noticed was Vietnamese seem to have artists who have dedicated their life to this type of artwork! Family portraits are made by these artists that stay in homes across generations! Vladimir Aliskin is one of the famous micro artists.

Micro artists train themselves to slow down their heartbeat to complete their meticulous work. Each heartbeat causes vibrations that cause the drill to fluctuate by up to 0.1 mm, enough to ruin their creations.

WOW 🙂 Hats off to all the micro artists around the world!

PS: I could not find the names of the other artists who painted the above pictures. If any of you know their names, please feel free to leave a comment – will update it on the post 🙂

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