Projects for young children at home

While talking to a few mothers in the community, realized that everyone looks for innovative ways to keep their kids occupied! The new and innovative ideas were great, and every parent does it differently (in an awesome manner), however – the typical question about how to engage the kids with less resources and more fun stuff remains.

While Michaels, Hobby lobby, Joanns are typical shopping spots for kids hobbies and creativity, there was one flyer that caught my attention today.

Every mother feels their children’s closet is filled with stuff, however – they need more or something different (ALWAYS the case) to make something out of it! Just the sheer number of crayons that get piled up over years is a clear indicator of the parent’s involvement in their children’s creative journey 🙂

The flyer at Michael’s today was a welcome change! The concept was amazing!

10 things to buy, 100 items to make using them

Items needed


Sharing a sample page, filled with pictures, items needed and instructions!

Access the 100 projects PDF from Michael’s website —> 100 activities

As a parent or babysitter, this list is a HUGE blessing, creates the possibility of a structure or plan to engage children at home during the day, and also with a minimal spend 🙂 Loved the idea and the ease of implementation!

Simple ideas are easier to understand, adopt and personalize!

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