Amanda Gorman – new generation

The glass ceiling was broken today with a woman stepping up into a Vice Presidential role! One other lady stole the show! Amanda Gorman and her poem instantly became the most trending topic midway through her speech!

A 22-year old, being able to dream of being the President one day, and getting to talk about it during the Inaugural ceremony was amazing! She is from Los Angeles, an activist, studied at Harvard and is the National Youth Poet Laureate at such a young age! We would all be looking for great things from her in the days to come!

She stood out amidst the crowd, exuberating confidence, standing with pride and being able to speak about her dreams, when no one knew who she was and why she got to speak on stage during the inaugural address.

For those who have not watched it, sharing it below!

Retaining clarity of thought amidst difficult times, while keeping the moral compass intact, personalizing with your unique skills and pushing forward a notion to inspire us and conquer the divide, well spoken in such a short span – you stole our hearts, making us BELIEVE in believing again!

She inspired us with her poem today! What next?

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