Opportunities in life

We know the proverb Opportunity knocks once!

Every day brings new opportunities and new possibilities.

Just focusing on the past and feeling bad over missed opportunities, does not help anyone! Is there something learn from it, did we learn, how can we adapt and try again! This shows our agility and an optimism to move forward!

We have the ability to create our own opportunities and move forward!

There are multiple doors that open for us everyday, we just need to be aware of what they are and choose to act in a timely manner and open them!

One of the lessons learned (and taught) by life – the hard way.

Well… it might not be easy to dust & pick ourselves up and keep moving forward! Sharing some tips that worked for me!

  1. Every morning we get to watch a beautiful sunrise. Try making it a habit to watch the morning sunrise. Somehow it triggers a positive mindset – filled with hope!
  2. A body in motion remains in motion. Physically try to get active. Push yourself a little extra (5 minutes, a new activity, a new buddy, something different that changes our mindset)
  3. Make new friends and change your day to day circle of interaction. New opportunities make their way to reach you!
  4. Identify what is not working for you and change it! It includes perceptions about yourself!
  5. Revisit the choices and options we give ourselves and our self-imposed constraints – helps a great deal!

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