Beaches & connections

Everyone connects & relates to beaches in a different way!

Do you go there to watch the ripples & waves,

Or to peacefully sort out your thoughts!

Do you feel your mind calming down while watching the waves?

Or do you want to jump in the water and splash around!

Do you like playing with water

Or do you play run-and-catch with it!

Do you like building sand castles

Or just sit and doodle in the sand!

Do you like to visit by yourself?

Or do you prefer going with lots of family & friends!

Do you like water sports?

Or do you like just flailing around in the water!

Do you like to swim or snorkel

Or do you like to collect the shells around?

Do you get lost in the beach?

Or do you find “yourself” there!

Do you visit one on a sunny day?

Or love to visit one while it rains?

Do you go there to watch the sun rise?

Or do you love sunsets on the beach?

Do you like the pina-coladas

Or the salted mangoes & peanuts?

No matter what – beaches are always there

extending their beauty for us to marvel!

Taking away all our worries

and replacing them with pleasant memories!

Some beaches around the world!

Wrote this for a friend who has been stuck at home in the pandemic & is missing the water and the beauty!

If you liked it, do share it with someone who is missing visiting beaches!

9 thoughts on “Beaches & connections

  1. Your post brings back fond memories of my childhood days spent in beaches with family and friends.
    Beautiful post Shanthy. I like to do almost everything you have listed down depending on the day and mood.
    Beautiful pictures

    1. Awww… 🙂 Perfectly true..!!! it seems to be the perfect fit for all our emotions Sowmya..!

  2. I love how you framed your post in the form of questions! As I kept reading, I kept smiling :))) I am definitely the solitude on the beach kind, breathing, watching the waves, sunsets and finding myself 💛

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