Investing in ourselves helps

We might be good at various things, however, do we have that one skill that is useful to someone else, one marketable skill? That makes all the difference! If we are not able identify that ONE skill, maybe it is time to invest in ourselves and reskill!

What is the one marketable skill that we have?

Think about it! When was the last time we invested in ourselves (yes, financial investment) to acquire a skill that is relevant in today’s context? For most of us, it would be at least 5-10 years ago! This is not continuing education or on-the-job-learning kind of skills. Am talking about serious skills that can get us job opportunities!

What skills are relevant in today’s context?

  1. State portals open up job offers: Every state has opened up job opportunities for the hard workers! From uber drivers, amazon shoppers, handyman and home improvement projects, tutors, teachers, clerical positions, technicians, there are many jobs out there. As long as one is willing to put in hardwork, one can shuffle through multiple jobs – even in these tough times!
  2. Managerial jobs: Number of open positions are reducing. As long as one is ready to play the role remotely, job opening anywhere in the country would fit – at least for the next 6 months. Agile and Jeera are basic requirements from a Project management standpoint. Getting certified helps!
  3. Leadership jobs: Mostly startup founders/CEOs/CTOs still continue to exist. High expectations and high benefits.
  4. IT Technology: Technology jobs are increasing. Getting reskilled in future technologies helps!
  5. Research opportunities: Funding for research opportunities are prioritized with pandemic related ones being first priority. Some projects might get delayed, others can potentially continue.
  6. Small business: Women owned small business, Small business grants, loans, PPP (Paycheque protection program) are all relevant ones that can open new doors
  7. Arts & Crafts: Small scale online shops with handmade goods and crafts are increasing. Minimal investment and good returns with local buyers.

Questions to ask ourselves

  1. Is this the best we can do in the current scenario?
  2. What is the ONE skill that we have currently that would get us a job, or help us sustain a job?
  3. What skill will help us better our future prospects?
  4. Is it worth it to invest in ourselves and reskill?

I remember the saying, what got us here will not get us there!

So, if you are pondering about your job or opportunities, take a minute to think about your marketable skills that are useful and relevant in today’s job market! That would help you plan your next step forward! If you are looking for a career counseling session, leave a reply to connect!

Wish you good luck!

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