Weekend reflections

One of my friends asked me an interesting question! I share about what I have learned in life usually in my articles. She asked me to share what I am learning this week 🙂 So, here you go!

Getting an opportunity to learn many things this week – (present continuous)

  1. Home insurance – How is it that when we have an issue, whatever issue we have, for whatever be the reason, it is not covered by Home insurance or it takes a long time to get a response from them?
  2. Roof – What are the types of roofs, when should one look to change or repair, which season is best to do that?
  3. Technology – Trying to make a drone pick up a lightweight object and lift up. Still figuring it out
  4. Paint a room – Purchased mustard color paint for the sunroom. Trying to visualize the room and figure out how to paint
  5. Food – Learned to a new dish Korean noodles in tomato sauce. Got raving reviews from my family, with a commitment that it goes into the must-make dishes frequently!
  6. Project – Decided to stick together to solve an issue with a colleague while getting calls from many to switch. I trust the colleague is putting their best efforts and things will come together soon! It is time to stick together and make things happen, and not fall apart!
  7. Resumes – Huge realization on the resume front! Different HR tracking systems seem to read the resumes differently 🙂 So, sticking with one group and letting them present profiles to professional opportunities helps a great deal to nail an opportunity!
  8. Garden – Time to start sowing indoors. Choosing seeds to sow indoors this week. One set of seeds that I sowed did not germinate at all, trying to figure out why and learn to do it right the next time around (hopefully next week)
  9. Google analytics – Trying to figure out how to read the google analytics data and what actions can I take based on them…. getting drowned in data at this point 🙂
  10. Blog themes – Thinking about changing my blog theme and layout, some plug-ins do not seem to work on it, need to be able to launch a course, run some quizzes and have access control. If you can suggest any good ones please do share!

I realize, being willing to make mistakes is critical to learning new things!

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