Photography – Levon Biss

I got interested in microsculptures and learned about paintings on rice, and wondered how artists try to keep their hands steady. Started looking into it and found an artist called Levon Biss who uses technology to help him photograph…

Look at the detail and clarity on some of the pictures…

Each of these pictures above are close up photographs of insects found in our yards 🙂

The first time I looked at these, I felt these were pictures of the universe or Shenandoah caves 🙂 Closer look into it made me believe that these were the skin or eyes or texture of insects. Taking pictures of such simple objects lying around and making it unbelievably amazing is an art!

His interview showcasing his lab and Insect portraits

Levon Biss explaining how much effort goes into ensuring the insect is positioned well, need for a sterile environment

His workspace, technology and microsculpting tools – perfect and amazing blend of passion and technology

There are exhibitions focusing on insect portraits. Wow.. 🙂

Hats off to the artist, his ideas, passion for photography and making us see normal day to day insects in a totally different light! Would be great to visit his exhibition some day to feel the magic live 🙂

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