Weird shapes found in deserts

Amazed by the thought of how these shapes in deserts could have been formed?

The one below seems to have been caused due to a kind of wind erosion!

Strange Geology: Weird Shapes in the Desert ( Real World ) | Earth Science  | CK-12 Foundation

Another one caused by wind erosion in the Algerian desert!

Geomorphological Features - Wind erosion, Algerian desert! | Facebook

The force of water (or the lack thereof) causes these kind of dunes below!

Dune and Other Desert Features - The shape of the land, Forces and changes,  The force of water

Shapes of rocks in the desert at Utah (caused by wind erosion)

The Shapes of San Rafael Desert in Utah Photograph by Ray Mathis

What is that weird shape? Australian desert

Photos of Beautiful Deserts Around the World

Spiral pattern in Egyptian desert

Spiral pattern in Egyptian desert is actually an art installation -

Eye of the Sahara

HD wallpaper: Eye Of The Sahara, More Formally Known As Richat Structure Is  In Western Sahara Desert In Mauritania | Wallpaper Flare

Elephant rock – aptly named!

10 Weird Rock Formations Around the World

Bryce Canyon rock formation

rock formation under blue and white cloudy sky photo – Free Bryce canyon  Image on Unsplash

Hobglobin – what was that again?

Top 10 Rock Formations-Hobgoblin-Photo by Jason Hines | Rock formations,  Nature, Amazing nature

Such a beautiful landscape

Top 11 Most Unusual Deserts on the Planet |

Brazil’s Sahara desert

Brazil's Sahara Desert is South America's Most Underrated Tourist Attraction

Hand in the desert – Atacama desert in Chile


Sacred labyrinth in California desert – Known for its healing powers!

Visit these sacred places for healing in the California desert

White desert of Egypt


One planet earth & millions of things to marvel & discover!

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