Liberty statue replicas around the world

Yes.. you read it right! I was surprised to see so many replicas of the Statue of Liberty around the world!

While doing a project with kids, we started looking into the background about Statue of Liberty and how it was donated by France to America as a symbol of friendship. What more, now there are many replicas of it around the world today!

1. Statue of Liberty in New York

Our very own Statue of Liberty at New York – Ellis island, standing majestically! It is a sight to behold whether we look at it from the freeway, or ferry, or from any of NY downtown buildings!

2. Statue of Liberty in Paris

It was definitely interesting to see one right by the Eiffel tower in Paris! Capturing a selfie with both in the background would be a priceless memory 🙂

3. Statue of Liberty – Adelaide, Australia

4. Statue of Liberty – Malaysia

5. Statue of Liberty – Spain

The one is Spain was holding two torches. I could not find the reason behind it. Maybe need to dig more into the history of the place.. maybe next time!

6. Statue of Liberty – Israel (Arrabas statue)

It was interesting to see a white statue of Lady Liberty! It is called as Arrabas statue. Interesting variation!

7. Statue of Liberty – Tokyo

With the bridge in the background, it did look like the one in New York (although New York bridge is not this close).

8. Statue of Liberty – Las Vegas, USA

This is the one in Las Vegas!

There were many more in smaller sizes, different shapes, only head and crown, holding different objects and some of them were also sitting postures as well. While they were interesting to see, could not make out whether they were real or not!

Now that you have seen many of them, time for a Trivia question 🙂

Which one is the real Statue of Liberty? The one on the left or the right? 🙂 Time to look again… or take another trip to New York… or at least take a closer look at the pictures! Leave your answers in the comments below!

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One thought on “Liberty statue replicas around the world

  1. I think the left one is real. The Statue on Ellis Island wouldn’t have any buildings so close by in the background…

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