Ice sculpture art

Ice sculpting is an interesting art. There are many countries that conduct ice sculpture festivals. Some of them are so intricate and fascinating to see, that the tropical countries conduct ice festivals. A must-watch for anyone interested in traveling.

Ice palace

Every time I see these I am reminded of the number of opportunities an idea can create. Think about the snow and ice filled places around the world, people over there try to make the best of their situations and come up with similar arts, activities and games. Quebec, Sweden, Fairbanks have Ice Hotels, Ice Palaces and Ice festivals to make the best use of their abundance of snow and ice.

When other tropical countries emulate them and make a fest, there is an industry of people that get to skill themselves on the main ice sculpting art, machinery used for this would be a supporting industry, likewise photography, lighting fixtures, customer service, event management, marketing…. the list goes on. Sharing some of the ice sculptures from around the world!

One small idea from someone triggers off a cascaded set of skills and jobs for many folks around them. For some it is art and beauty, for others it is precision, science and technology, for rest of us – it is a passing glimpse that makes us smile, fills our hearts with wonder, lifts our spirits and induces an abundance of optimism!

Hats off to all the artists involved in this profession! Would love to visit some of these places and see it firsthand.. till then, these pictures do the trick 🙂

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