Praying Mantis – a good luck charm

When you have a garden, you get used to seeing a variety of insects. Sometimes seeing specific birds and insects seem to convey a specific meaning across cultures. Found it interesting to see a praying mantis and started learning more about it. Sharing what I realized in the process!

Of late, we have been seeing a praying mantis (huge one) wherever we go! Be it in our backyard, groceries, mall, on cars, on lamp shades, garden etc. Mostly all of them have been outdoors. So, I started reading about cues and signs and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Praying Mantis

Praying mantis – like the one above seen in our yard, was big and scary to see at the first instant. Then, I started observing and realized the front feet / hands are folded together (hence the name probably). Many cultures seem to be mentioning similar aspects about spotting one and the signs related to it. Listing some of them below…

  • It is good luck to see a praying mantis in your home
  • In some cultures, it means Angels are watching over you 🙂
  • Supposedly, they are one of the rare insects that have 3D-vision
  • In African culture, it indicates the presence of ancestors
  • Coincidentally, it is the Mahalayapaksha – a time to propitiate your ancestors in Indian culture as well
  • If it lands on you, expect great good luck
  • In some cultures, they represent spiritualism
  • In China, it is seen as a symbol of peace and mindfulness
  • If this divine insect comes into your life, it will help you find the truth you are seeking
  • If you are seeing this frequently, then it is a reminder for you to think well before you take your next steps. Do not take any decisions under pressure. Do things when you feel you are ready for them
  • Praying mantis comes to people who are intelligent, calm and patient (nature of the insect as well)
  • If this is your spirit animal, nothing can stop a praying mantis to do what it wants to do – and so would the same be true for the one seeing it frequently

It is interesting to see a similarity in beliefs across cultures.

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