Gardening – Seeds

It is a nice experience to watch the plants grow from seeds to bear fruits and flowers and ready to seed again!

Started growing a few seeds this summer in small pots, one of which was a kitchen herb!

While it took a few iterations to get it right, it then grew beautifully and we used many of the leaves as herbs in our day to day cooking!

Some of the stems were untouched for over a week and they started slowly flowering, and the flowers turned out to be seeds… sort of like the next generation!

It was such a beautiful process to witness it grow from seeds and start producing seeds.. just taking up space in a tiny pot on the window sill! Tiny miracles of life!

Can you guess what seeds are they?

Mom holding the herb for the picture

If you could guess the name of the herb and the seed, share in the comments below 🙂

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