Seeds starting to sprout

Started seeding indoors earlier this week. Some of the seeds have started sprouting!

How much water?

One teaspoon water three times a day.

When to water?

I try to keep a schedule tying it to my eating routine. Before breakfast, lunch and dinner water the seed starters.

What all seeds have sprouted within a week?

The one below is 4 types of lettuce. Two of each variety. Romaine lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, Prizehead lettuce and Buttercrunch lettuce. First time growing lettuce at home. Learning as I go..! A friend in the community suggested that it is easier to grow lettuce when the weather is cold. Need to keep that in mind when I sow the seeds next time!

Think these will get ready for re-planting outside in the next 1-2 days. Maybe I will put them in pots and then move it to a raised bed.

This one below is Beans in the bottom most one. Cabbage in the middle ones and Broccoli in the top ones. Beans needs to be re-planting outdoor by tomorrow. Cabbage and Broccoli might need to be re-planted by early next week.

This one below is a tray of radishes. Need to setup a deeper pot / raised bed for the radishes. They would get ready for re-planting in the next 1-2 days.

While I wait for the other seeds to sprout, need to get the yard cleared up, soil ready, lawn mowed and purchase potting soil and garden soil.

Feels nice to eagerly wait for seeds to sprout 🙂

Now, its time for some physical work!

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