States of matter

While studying in school (few decades back), I learned about the states of matter – Solid, liquid and gas. Our understanding of simple facts like these also seems to have evolved over years!

Till few decades back

Those who went to school 2-3 decades back would have studied the 3 states of matter that anything can exist would be Solid, Liquid or Gas state.

Then, it evolved to

Then, it evolved to high energy stars in the solar system which exist in Plasma state. So, one more state got added as the 4th one!

Then, it included the cooler state

What about cooler states than typical solids? Is there a difference in their states?

Any other discoveries after that?

At a faster pace, over the past 1-2 decades there are more states of matter that are being discovered. It was interesting to see the below listed. Not sure who would need to verify and publish it and when it will become part of the school subjects and school books!

Anyone watching Sci-Fi movies, Flash series on TV would be able to relate to the terms instantly. From the plasma stars and fiery exoplanets, to time crystals that actually are particles which continue to move in the resting (or lowest energy) state, the science and concepts seem to be more relatable when picturized on television. Otherwise, it seems to be beyond comprehension.

What else?

Today, I got access to a book on Sanatana Dharma, where the states of matter (Tattva) were described in great detail as it relates to Earth. They are solid, liquid, gas, radiant, etheric, superetheric, and atomic. What about outside of Earth?

Other than the above, the atomic ones relate to the Apas Tattva (Water element), like condensation etc. Think in terms of density.

The ones on the higher energy front towards Plasma are more aligned to the Agni Tattva (Fire element). Like other stars in the solar system / outside our solar system (also known as lokas / worlds).

When I looked at the discoveries being made, they seem to align with what the scriptures had recorded much earlier. It was just a matter of time before we started understanding (rather re-understanding) what has been conveyed in the scriptures through the pursuit of science!

It was a moment of realization for me, and it prompted me to write about it!

Made me wonder at the pace at which we are evolving!

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  1. Hi, This is a fantastic and very insightful post. I learnt something new. Also loved the connection between the present absolutely latest cutting edge “states” classifications and how some of these states were known to ancient folks and how they related to these states. Thanks for sharing, Cheers.

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