Types of Karma

Karma can be broadly defined as the destiny that you earn through your actions and behavior.

As you sow, so shall you reap… a very simple way to describing Karma.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – all of us must have studied this at school.

If our actions can define our destiny, good actions can bring about good karma and bad actions can have a reverse effect.


Good karma. When we do good deeds, have good thoughts, good behavior, good actions, it builds our good karma. Love, Joy, trust, faith, purity and related emotions have the power to trigger positive thoughts in our mind. These thoughts have the power to bring about joy and happiness to ourselves and those around us. When we need help, our good karma gets us the timely help we need during challenging times.


Bad karma. Our negative thoughts, actions, behavior, deeds trigger a negative effect and builds our bad karma. Anger, greed, lust, fear and related emotions have the power to nurture negative thoughts in our mind. When we start encouraging these thoughts, they turn into actions and habits and slowly changes our behavior impacting our destiny. We face the reactions of our negative thoughts and actions manifold.


Neutral karma. With no reaction to work performed. The concept of Akarma is interesting. It is performing charitable actions, not for any specific reason. Just for the pure joy of giving. Not as a negotiable deal, not as a give & take relationship. The pure joy of giving, makes one feel charitable, share our positive vibes, a nice smile, sprinkling kindness in thought and deeds, where giving and charity becomes a way of life. Even when one does go through their day to day challenges, the charity one does being fully conscious that they are not doing it expecting anything in return is Akarma. Guidance comes from within.

When one focuses on Akarma, they get to connect with like-minded people and inspire one another, and together the group of friends, look to expand their circle of influence to build a better world for us – for the future.

Even when one is going through a challenging day, let the light in us guide us to being compassionate and perform charitable deeds without expecting anything in return. Goodwill naturally will accumulate in this world.

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