Helpful gadgets in the kitchen

My friend visited me after a few decades and I got an opportunity to cook for her.

She goes back home and sends me an Electric Kettle.

My first ever Electric kettle.

I used to think what is the use of having one, when we can boil water in any pot on the stove 🙂 I was so wrong!

It has just been 3 days since I inaugurated one and I do not know how I could have lived without it all these years 🙂

If you do not own one, it might be well worth it to get one for yourself!

Another friend suggested the hand blender for ease of use. Making gravy became so easy.. I now use it for almost everything from milkshakes, juices, hot puree (right on the stove).

Wire skimmer for deep frying is very helpful, especially when you are working with larger quantities. Be it friend dough, vadas, pakodas, french fries, plantain or banana chips, potato chips – it is easier to scoop it out, ensuring the other half does not get burnt before you take it out of the hot oil.

This is the best thing about having friends visit you at home 🙂 They know exactly what would be helpful and suggest the same. Big Thanks to Neeraja & Sujatha for the wonderful & thoughtful gifts! It is time to pay it forward now 🙂

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