Paper cutting art

An artist can create art with any medium, and paper cutting art while seeming simple, can result in some beautiful & unique artwork as well!

Beginners start with something like this.. draw a line and cut on the line, with a single paper, or a folded paper. That brings out a variety of patterns.

Cutting a pencil drawing outline

How do you think they would have made this..?

It does require a lot of patience, however using the right tools makes it easier!

Usage of color brings in an additional dimension!

Family portrait (as sold on Etsy)

These are multi-layered paper cut scenes. Box framing makes it perfect to see & store the multiple layers!

Hats off to the artist who created this 🙂

Joanna Koerton’s art below was compared to Michael angelo! WOW… so intricate and beautiful!

Artists truly have a way to win our hearts!

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