Short story – Miracle

It is very hard to believe in miracles, until you get to experience it yourself! Such experiences are unique and yet occur in our day to day lives. Reading or hearing about some of them fee;s immensely satisfying!

My mother told me about this story of a devotee from the town she grew up in! He was a very learned man and an immense devotee of Kanchi Kamakshi 🙏🏻

One day a bangle-seller came to his house. His six daughters who were playing outside started asking their mother to buy them bangles. As the father was busy in his prayer rituals, the mother asks the bangle seller to come to the foyer and fit the bangles for her daughters.

Bangle seller fitting bangles

The children enjoy trying out a variety of bangles and finally each of them select something they like. The mother comes outside and pays the bangle seller the cost for six sets of bangles.

The bangle seller is surprised and asks her why she was paying only for six sets of bangles when he had fitted bangles for seven children. The mother says “I have six daughters and you fitted bangles for six of them. They are right in front of you. Why should I pay you for seven sets of bangles?”

The bangle-seller and the mother get into an argument and the devotee concludes his prayers quickly in an effort to step outside and resolve the fight. While propitiating to the idol of the Goddess, he hears sounds of bangles and sees the Goddess decorated with a fresh set of green bangles. He is surprised and quizzically steps out.

He approached the bangle-seller and asked him “How are you sure that you fitted bangles for seven children?”. The bangle seller responds “Sir, after fitting the bangles for every child, I took one bangle of the same color and kept it aside to calculate the costs. Look here, there are seven bangles kept aside. So, I have fitted seven set of bangles.”

The devotee looks at the hands of all his children and matches the colors of the bangles and is shocked when he realizes that none of his daughters were wearing green bangles and he had seen a fresh set of green bangles on the deity inside and heard the sound of bangles when he was winding up his prayers.

He is moved to tears and apologizes to the bangle seller and says “You are right. You have fit bangles for seven children, six of my daughters and seventh one is the deity herself. I have been an ardent devotee who prays to her everyday. However, you seem to have had the opportunity to decorate her with a fresh set of bangles. I will pay you for all seven sets of bangles.”

The bangle-seller is now shocked, and wanting to see it for himself steps inside to see the bangles decorating the deity. The whole family and the bangle seller witnessed a miracle happen right in front of them!

The power of prayer and devotion can only be experienced, felt and realized.

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