4th of July celebrations

July 4th weekend has always been a memorable one.. especially with friends and families!

Usually around 5-6 families get together and drive/fly over from different parts of the country to spend time together.. 2-3 days long weekend with extra vacation time somehow ends up getting extended to a week full of celebrations!

Pool party or water balloon fights – interesting to see all age groups turn into kids 🙂

The horror that looms over Holi- The New Indian Express

Picnic with a potluck with friends… make sure there is plenty of food and snacks for all age groups! For some, it is the perfect time to barbecue!

Kebabs from one of our cousins

Fruits, snacks, dessert, juice and hot coffee – usually helps the women folk excuse ourselves from the kitchen for a few hours 🙂

Making sure we find the best local spot to watch the fireworks in the evening with friends makes it memorable!

Happy 4th of July! Hope you are getting to spend it with your loved ones!

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