Interesting unusable designs

When a design does not serve its purpose, or we wonder why was it designed like this in the first place… it invariably makes us smile 🙂 Sharing some of them that I liked!

And.. how are we supposed to use it..??

Was it meant to be a self-watering can..? 🙂

Were these meant to be foldable spoons and forks…?

Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs | Bored Panda

An interesting game to play while waiting to open the door… perfectly fits that theme 🙂

15 Useless Product Designs - PLAIN Magazine

Wine glass…. I don’t think so…!

Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs | Bored Panda

What exactly must the person have been thinking while building this…?

Greek Designer Creates the World's Most Stressful Versions of Our Favourite  Everyday Objects

Sorry… what is this again? A perfect home decor to make us smile 🙂

Weird and wonderful product designs that combine our love of fun visuals +  strong design! | Yanko Design

This measuring cup is a perfect choice when you want to dip your cup in a 200 ml paint to color only the bottom part 🙂

Reddit users share the most useless designs they've encountered | Newshub

When my children shared these… it triggered a laughing spree that lightened our moods!

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