One thread to pursue

Ideas are plenty. The power lies in taking one idea and tracking it to closure.

However simple it may seem, tracking one thread, one idea, one task, one activity to closure teaches us discipline and our ability to stay focused.

Some might find it extremely easy, some might find it near-impossible.

While it depends on what we have chosen… it also depends on our ability to stay focused, face the obstacles that come our way and remain committed to what we want to accomplish.

Trust me, there will be a million obstacles that might come your way to stop you from pursuing that one thing – you chose you pursue. You may even question yourself on your choice and evaluate the odds of choosing something else over it. However, give yourself some time and try to stay focused to put in your best shot at doing it for that given period of time.

You will learn many new things in the process. Aspects and challenges that you never expected will push you to grow. Be graceful about facing them and growing through it!

Be accountable to yourself. Do not give up on yourself and try something that is meaningful to you. The satisfaction to pursue what you chose to pursue and stay at it is immense.

Write down why you choose to pursue it, and read it to assure yourself when doubts start to seep in making you rethink about your choices.

When I told this to my daughter, she chose to strike off the day with an orange marker on the calendar every day. As simple as that. Now, she has a story to tell. The way this habit created a flurry of habits, and the number of times she was close to missing it, and the days she actually missed doing it because of all the multitude of unexpected things that happened that day 🙂 These are experiences that are hers to share.

I realized in the process that whatever we choose to do, has a way of changing us if we keep at it for a period of time. 1000 posts and I can write a book – that is a goal I have chosen for myself. Not sure when I will get to it – but will keep at it.

Now, this might be the primary goal that you choose to pursue in life, or something trivial that you might not want to miss out the fun of doing it. Either way, the habits help create a long term effect in staying on track.

One of my friends started making small dolls (not her primary job or priority), another friend started painting as a hobby, another draws geometric patterns and finds it as an art therapy. What we choose to do needs to be something we care about – to keep at it. Choosing an activity to prove a point to someone else also has its benefits.

So, this new year, when you look to make a change in some aspect of your life, or try to make resolutions – think about something simple, think about doing one thing for a period of time and putting your best shot at it.

Pursue one thread, one idea, one project, one activity that gets your special focus and energy! It makes a difference.

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