Retail store apps

During one of our conversations at a community event, the topic turned to retail store apps and their uses.

One of the retail giants recently shut down its app services (I do not visit the store, but many others did), and the frustration it had created was high. Apparently, we have gotten used to scanning the products over retail store apps and paying for it at the counter and moving out, skipping the lengthy lines.

Somehow, I do not like to have too many apps on my phone and had not downloaded any of the retail store apps. Parents were discussing and convincing me about the benefits and ease of use to have one downloaded. Apparently, once I get to feel the ease of use, I would not go back to non-app shopping mode 🙂

Within 24 hours, I ended up visiting a wholesale store and forgot my card. The manager came to check on my card and asked me to step aside. While they were checking my credentials with my license, the manager asked me if I have the wholesaler’s app 🙂 I smiled and said that I did not have one. Meanwhile, another store rep who was talking to my daughter in the line, was giving her tips to secretly install the wholesaler’s app on my phone (Next time you use your mom’s phone, download these apps on her phone – she would find it quite useful :))

Do you find these retail/wholesale apps useful? How many such apps do you install on your phone? Do you miss it when these apps are discontinued?

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