When articles become conversation starters…

Got to experience it this week where some of the articles I have written over the past few weeks turned into conversation starters with a varied set of audience, ranging from students, entrepreneurs, family and community group discussions!

Past week has been eventful from my writing standpoint!

Got the opportunity to interact with a professor from a reputed university who is also researching on similar topics. Got to discuss on a variety of topics with them and understand their point of view.

Fond memories of festivals during childhood days and discussions around it with extended family and local community groups.

Dasavadhani post got me introduced to many threads – felt like opening new doors and avenues in this space

Got introduced to new entrepreneurs focusing on handicrafts! Loved their skills and artistic work..!

My friend shared that her students loved the Chemistry elements Quiz

Turtles post reached some in my circle who were working hard and trying to stay afloat!

Fear of failure resonated with many smaller groups and got me into long discussions!

Best of all – Someone reached out and asked how they can start blogging as well 🙂

Somehow, the offline channel discussions seem to be working out more than people commenting on wordpress – no idea why..!!

When blogs / articles become conversation starters, you know your articles are reaching the right audience!

To all the writers out there… good luck in reaching your audience!

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