Virtual playground

The concept of virtual playground, especially during these times seems to be pretty interesting. Sharing what I got to see and hear from my circle about their experiences.

Also called as Floor projection games, the virtual playground seems to have a good prospect. We were introduced to the concept in a pediatric dentist office.

I liked these table top games as well.

There are many such games available. You can check these out on JoinBean’s website.

During the times of pandemic, getting an option to play a variety of games at home while physically being active is not easy. Earlier schools, dentist offices, pediatric clinics, hospital waiting rooms, library story time nooks and spaces in museums were all good places to have these games. For now, while the outdoor avenues remain closed (or trying open up to regain normalcy), games like these for children at home seems to be a wonderful idea.

Their game library has 200+ games. Parents with young children might want to check this out!

Hats off to the creators!

Link to Joinbeam who makes these virtual playgrounds and a whole suite of virtual games!

Impressive Join Beam stats

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