Local entrepreneurs series #1 – GLO*real

A common friend introduced me to Swathi Basker, a local entrepreneur. Was inspired by her and her products instantly, that made me start this series! During the pandemic, we can support local small businesses and entrepreneurs in some way we can! Every bit counts!

GLO*real by Swathi Basker

Contact her at gloreal.skincare@gmail.com

Your skin deserves to glow for real!GLO*real’s exclusive range of ayurvedic soaps and body butters are handcrafted with love and care using Nature’s finest ingredients known to our ancestors for centuries for their antiseptic and cleansing properties.

GLO*real is a single woman run microbusiness 100% fueled by admiration and love for Indian heritage, and passion for quality craftmanship. She uses natural ingredients like Neem and Turmeric to make these products.

Website – https://gloreal.us/

Best way to evaluate a business is the number of repeat customers one has…. two friends of mine seem to be regular customers since 2017 🙂

Can I request you to look at her products and support the microbusiness by purchasing at least one item to support a local entrepreneur!

Look forward to posting about one entrepreneur every week going forward!

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6 thoughts on “Local entrepreneurs series #1 – GLO*real

  1. The words “…love and care using Nature’s”.. rightly describes Glo*real products and service. I discovered Swathi and her products at a fundraiser event. Have been enjoying her soaps for the last couple of years. There is always excitement in opening a new pack. The natural fragrances, the moisture it leaves makes you feel good. 

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to Swathi for any customizations, ideas and thoughts. Share your thoughts and a price range and she delivers it!

    Her products are my goto gifts to my girl friends or visits to family friends. Everyone falls in love with her products and become repeat customers!

  2. Very good natural products! I order custom soaps for my family as well as for gifts! Totally love the soaps, body butter, lip balms.

  3. Love your idea of promoting local entrepreneurs during the pandemic when they could really use the extra visibility! God bless you.

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