Brain (Neural) implants – Curing diseases

It sounds like science fiction, but a neural implant could read and edit a person’s thoughts. Neural implants are already being used to treat disease, rehabilitate the body after injury, improve memory, communicate with prosthetic limbs, and more.

Neurotechnology seems to be one of the hottest areas of engineering.

microchip is a very small piece of circuit, usually inside a computer. It can hold large quantities of information and perform mathematical and logical operations as well. Electronics & computer industry use this extensively.

Now, what if we loaded a microchip into our brain (a.k.a Brain-chip or Neuro-implant) to learn topics, cure diseases, be mindful and care about our planet? Is that a possibility? Yes.. seems like significant research is being conducted in this direction.

Simple image of a microchip implanted in our brain

So, how far can one think of using this technology?

Curing diseases

Consider the functions of the nervous system: It controls thinking, seeing, hearing, feeling, moving, and urinating, to name a few. It also controls many involuntary processes such as organ function and the body’s inflammatory, respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems.

Every disease to be cured has a significant component of research (NIH), animal testing, human testing before they are made available for everyone. In 2018, patients who had been paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries walked again with the help of spinal stimulation. It can help prevent heart failure, stroke, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and many more diseases.

Neural implants are used for deep brain stimulation, Vagus nerve stimulation, and mind-controlled prostheses. This “brain pacemaker” emits electrical impulses to treat the disease’s motor symptoms that has the potential to cure Parkinson’s disease. Read more about this topic ->

Mind control

This new field seems to be interesting holding a lot of potential. In simple terms it is possible to brainwash someone and control their mind – hopefully to become a better person. When I think about it, the ability to understand when someone is feeling depressed and triggering a set of changes to help them avoid going down that path and bringing in a sense of normalcy would be great towards preventing suicides. Teaching children good habits, being kind, changing bullying behavior, and many more facets & causes can leverage this in an effective manner.

It would be interesting to see how regulations are stipulated by the government around this.

Addressing addiction issues

Presently, there are new studies affirming how to conduct the procedure and if it is best for substance abuse disorders. Read more about how Neural implants can help address opioid addiction ->

And many many more…

A simple video explains a variety of opportunities for more study, research and solving global issues.

Feels amazing to imagine the possibilities, especially when we are starting to see positive results in curing patients – showing us proof that the technology & thought behind it works!

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